A Break From Studying (HARDCORE)

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Video Description: Today is one of the first days Barry has been free from his strict studying regime. Kalina is an expert stress reliever, so he's come to the right place. Kalina starts off helping him relax, but touching him all over, and making sure he's letting go of his stressful thoughts. As she spreads out the treatment, she gets closer and closer to touching Barry's cock. It doesn't take long before she's shoving his thick rod down her warm throat. Kalina is an expert cock sucker, so you can tells Barry's in for a wild ride from the start. When she eventually crawls under the table, having Barry lower himself through the glory hole in the milking table, she shows off her true expertise, deep throat. Kalina can't finish such a good treatment without taking a ride on his thick cock. Watch him cum all over her shaved pussy!

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Kalina is amazing!
2017-11-19 05:13
More of Kalina!!!
More of Kalina!!!
More of Kalina!!!
2017-10-11 22:33
Pretty girl, Too bad she's matched up with this mope.
2015-03-12 19:42
I would consider this a perfect blowjob lesson for any other ladies out there who just want to know everything! Guys, we'll be seeing her on Nuru, and hopefully a lot! she's so smoking hot I can't handle myself.
2014-11-17 10:02
Perhaps the best asian video that you have ever done! totally stunning! :)
2014-11-15 18:11
ready (user_21767480)
Kalina Ryu is really a very pretty woman, I will like to see it in an episode of nuru massage
2014-11-15 09:32