A Happy New Year

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Video Description: Allie loves New Years Eve. And tonight's not an exception. Allie rushes home to get ready for her night on the town with her girls Serena Blair and Sasha Heart. Serena and Sasha are not as excited about New Years, but they are excited by Allie's energy and want to make sure she has a blast tonight. Unfortunately Allie's excitement is not conducive to the slippery new stairs at her parent's place, and in the heat of the excitement when her girls arrive she rolls her ankle and her leg spasms uncontrollably. Sasha is known for her world famous massage, or at least she has made her claims, but Allie doesn't believe that anything can be accomplished by rubbing your muscles. How silly is that anyway. Well by the time Sasha has the leg all worked out, this New Years party has turned into a naked party! All three eventually become so playfully horny that NOT licking one another's hungry pussies is not in the cards. They say, what you do on New Years Eve is what you'll be doing for the rest of the year. I for one hope this party never stops!

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I see our negative friend is back..Cheers!
2015-01-04 23:58
haven't seen sasha heart for a while on here, she's in one of my favorite old scenes with dani daniels...
2015-01-04 16:15
Is there a shavers' strike in this site?
2014-12-30 17:08
Awesome and fantastic scene! Personally I really enjoy deep, hard and fast g spot finger fucking so this scene was amazing for me but honestly I missed some tribbing. Most Important above everything: Serena is awesome!!!! Please bring her back as soon as possible for a very intense g spot finger fucking massage and let her do a lot of tribbing, she is a real expert and very talented. Awesome girl.
2014-12-30 00:47
Serena Blair a Master pussy edging when it comes to releasing the orgasm her lover
2018-11-18 02:58
Serena Blair a Master pussy edging when it comes to releasing the orgasm her lover
2018-11-18 02:58
Serena Blair a Master pussy edging when it comes to releasing the orgasm her lover
2018-11-18 02:58
will we ever get seduction back?????
2014-12-29 21:02
Oh my friend! This is something disappeared in this site long time ago.
2014-12-30 17:52
Too much fingering and not enough pussylicking. This could have been much better.
2014-12-29 12:01
The movie is called a happy new year
I want to say some words if I may, these movies brings a lot of extra joy in the lives of many people.
Is realy is a privilege to be able to watch those movies any ime you like.
Trust in the future gives strenght for today.
I wish all the members and the makers of this site and girlsway a very heathly new year ,and I am looking forward to all the beatifull things you will make in the new year.
We all will enjoy it.
Please do take care
2014-12-29 05:43
Ah, so this is it...nice looking scene, although I can't tell whether Allie's boobs received the attention I hope they do. She does need to take more care on stairs, there, doesn't she?
2014-12-12 13:21