Ass Leverage

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Video Description: Until runner Leah Gotti walks in, masseuse Spencer Scott is furious that she has no business today, after a marathon blocks up the entire street. Complaining she injured her lower thigh from the race, Leah stumbles into the spa. Spencer is resentful but since it is her only customer, she decides it's better than no one. Spencer removes Leah's shoes and tackles her soft feet but since it isn't the area where Leah needs attention, Spencer asks her to remove her clothes even though Leah is not into all nude massages. Spencer's big boobs and charm make it not take long for Leah to comply. Spencer rubs Leah's tight ass with her hands and elbows then brings out a bolster pillow to get Leah's sore butt mid air bringing Spencer's fingers gets closer to Leah's shaved pussy. The lesbian masseuse places her thumb inside of Leah and licks her tight asshole until she cums in sapphic bliss. Eventually, they begin tribbing, and from then on Spencer and Leah can't get enough of one another, plunging their wet tongues inside of one another in a 69 position, screaming from the intense lesbian ecstasy!

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great ass licking and love when Leah said tushy
2017-04-30 16:58
Need of both pf these girls....they are great. Great ass licking action and face sittint too
2016-07-30 20:49
Need More Please!
2016-05-06 07:41
I love Spencer's fine behind in and out of those grey tights, the way her tits kept teasing you slipping more and more out of her top thru the scene. She does a fine job licking ass too! Very HOT SEXY scene Ladies and AGM...
2016-06-11 08:52
I always love the lesbian seduction themed stories! Please keep them coming!
2016-05-03 06:43
In a lot of ways this seemed like a sequel to recent scene Breast Massage. Simply because it has a focus but this time on Pussy And Ass Massage! Another great instalment having Leah's fine ass nicely presented to us on the bolster. Thank you girls and AGM team.
2016-05-02 18:44
Spencer's sweet seat looked great starting from when she is on the phone in those grey tights...
2016-05-02 23:19
hi how r u?
2016-10-23 02:52
no seduction or acting but good bolster and ass licking use
2016-05-02 18:00
There are 2 certain signs that tell you a scene is going to be absolutely sensational. One is when 'Ass' is in the title, the other is whenever a bolster is used. This has BOTH!! Means it's going to be MASSIVE!!!
Leah and Spencer making their debut on AGM. Looks like it was worth the wait.
2016-04-16 05:41
Looks like another sexy Hot scene AGM!! PLEASE KEEP IT UP!
2016-04-14 21:39