Body To Body Massage

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Video Description: Nuru first timer, August Taylor has come for a full body treatment. Her masseuse, Sadie Holmes can hardly contain her excitement when she sees August and her bountiful bosom. In the shower, Sadie makes sure to lather up her massive boobs, getting August's body nice and soapy so she can use her as her own personal slip and slide during the massage. August has no objections, especially when they're laying in the bath together and Sadie begins massaging her tight pussy. With August's approval she slips her wet finger into her pussy, gently sliding it in and out. Sadie continues to pleasure August's body, this time taking full advantage of her big breasts and fingering her lesbian pussy. August decides to return the favor and licks Sadie's hot pussy until she cries with passion, as her pussy juices drip onto August's soft lips. Sadie decides it's time for the final part of the massage, the one that keeps customers coming again and again.. She lathers August's body with her own using the Nuru gel to it's full potential. Finally, she positions herself onto August so that their pussies are touching, grinding them together over and over again until they both cry out in lesbian bliss, cumming over each other's sweet wet pussies.

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This is a great scene. I love August and I love seeing her here in a lesbian scene. Scene has some of the old "soapy massage" flavor which I like, even though those scenes were pretty much boy/girl. I always wanted those type of scenes with girl/girl. So when I click onto Nuru Massage, I really get stoked when I see a lesbian scene posted here. I am with the others, and I would really love to see more Nuru Massage lesbian scenes. August is beautiful, and I love her body. Hope to see her more here and also in All Girl Massage and Girlsway. Another thing I really appreciate about this scene are a few technical pieces. Call me weird, but I am more of a traditionalist with my ladies and lesbian scenes. I love it when the girls spend the majority of the time just laying back and eating each other's pussies like August and Sadie did during the matress portion of the scene instead of changing positions every 30 seconds. I hate face-sitting and doggie and was ecstatic to not see those positions in this scene. While laying back and eating each other out might bore other viewers after a certain period of time, I prefer it because it makes it easier for me to focus and enjoy watching the two girls lick each other and watch their facial expressions while experiencing that pleasure. - Tony Soprano 3
2016-09-05 05:51
August is so beautiful! She needs to do more lesbian scenes.
2016-08-31 19:39
2016-09-01 07:09
Yes I want more scenes like this but Sadie was a clumsy as seductress/masseuse. The story idea is very fine. August was very fine but the ladies didn't appear to have chemistry or desire to be with each other. Please do this type scene again with women that appear to want women!!
2016-08-31 05:42
Love it!! More lesbians on here please, preferably with big tits.
2016-08-22 19:52
Cannot agree more. Bring on the big titty lesbians!!!
2018-03-17 03:40
Looking very HOT and SEXY.... Like this one already...
2016-08-13 12:31