Bridal Bolster

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Video Description: Alexa Grace is getting married. With all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, she's decided to take an hour for herself to unwind with a massage. As her masseuse, Kristen Scott, finishes preparing the table, she offers her a massage with an extra perk. Excited to finally have some time to unwind, Alexa asks her what the surprise is. Kristen is offering a massage with a bolster. Alexa is intrigued but has no idea what a bolster is. When Kristen explains that it helps get those hard to reach areas, Alexa gets excited, agrees and lies down on the table. Kristen places the bolster on the table and has Alexa lie on it. Complimenting her lingerie, she adds that perhaps it might be best to remove her bra as to not get oil on it. She hesitates for a moment, but Alexa allows Kristen to take it off for her. Kristen starts working on her back and making small talk. When Kristen asks Alexa if her soon to be husband satisfies her in the bedroom, her response doesn't convey much confidence. When Kristen is finished with her back, she asks Alexa if she can remove her panties, but you can tell Alexa feels uncomfortable. When Kristen reminds her that she doesn't want to get oil all over them, she complies. She starts massaging her ass - gently at first, but the motion becomes deeper and more intense as Alexa seems to lose herself in the sensations. When Kristen gets a little too close to her pussy, Alexa stops her, asking if that's part of the massage. As Alexa tries to come up with a good reason to stop her, Kristen is already massaging her clit, and the better Alexa feels the less inclined she is to stop her. After all, she's not married yet, and since it will be their little secret, the bride decides to have some fun before she ties the knot.

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Firstly, I must say that both these women are stunningly gorgeous to me. But Alexa is really special - fabulous sexy body, adorable pretty face, sexy hair. In this scene, both girls act their parts to perfection. When Alexa is on the massage couch with her delicious ass sticking up, her backward glances of trepidation at Kristen are a joy to see. It's as though Alexa half suspects that she has a lesbian on her hands, and she wonders just what might happen! And the happenings are just SO hot. The camera angles are perfect, and the use of that bolster makes the action more visible, not to mention hugely erotic! Kristen's expert licks and kisses on Alexa's bum and pussy are a delight, as is Alexa's gasp when Kristen's tongue makes first contact with her ass hole. When it is Kristen's turn on the couch, I just love the way Alexa's tongue goes eagerly for Kristen's lovely little ass hole! This scene is a favorite of mine, an all time great, and I thank AGM and the girls for that. So erotic! And I must say, both girls had immaculate sexy make-up, which is another turn-on for me!
Janine xx
2018-07-24 17:15
Nice, 2 ladies with nice clear skin. None of the gross zits so many others have.
2018-06-22 20:48
Just a footnote. After the wedding the new husband got called into work so Alexa took Kristen and the bolster on her honeymoon instead!
2018-03-26 12:56
Another great scene. Loving the long intro scenes that set everything up, somehow that makes the eventual payoff that much better. Alexa protesting and saying she can't, she can't, she's engaged, etc, *while* getting her pussy rubbed was fantastic. I love that "false protest" in videos like this. And the best part is, unlike real life, there's no chance of criminal charges later when you thought her "no" meant "yes"!
2018-03-12 20:45
Very nice. Keep the bolster scenes coming!
2018-03-12 18:55
Very nice scene. I liked the close ups of the asses and the wet pussies when the women were on the bolster and in the 69 position.
2018-03-12 11:29
Kristen doesn't have the build I prefer BUT I find myself re-watching her scenes anyway because she is SOOO GOOD in them.. this looks like another very sexy hot scene. I can hardly wait for it!!!!
2018-03-10 08:41
Feels like we’re on a Bolster Roller Coaster right now.... and the louder you scream, the faster we go!
2018-03-01 15:52