Can I Be A Regular?

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Video Description: Something interesting happens today for Eric Masterson. Manipulating girls to get his way is a natural talent of his, but today, he is the one taking orders! Jojo Kiss really needs her lower back, legs and feet massaged. Eric isn't used to massing feet, but she promises with a little intensive she will be coming back on a regular basis, if he would just do as she asks. She places her foot over his cock, rubbing it through his pants, as he rubs her sore feet. Jojo can feel his hard cock and insists she let out her kinky side to fuck his dick with her feet. Jojo places her legs up in the air, positioning her feet over Eric's cock, stroking it with integrity as Eric's rubs her pussy lips. She really wants to suck his cock so its nice and wet for him to stick it inside of her. But she has one condition; if he cums, it has to be on her feet!

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we try to incorperate everything everyone wants in every scene. so when we can do a footjob we will
2015-11-11 21:36
Eric, you're getting scruffy and it doesn't look good on you.
2015-10-24 19:59
yes love the foot fetish plz keep it up
2015-10-16 19:25
I thought you'd like that footjob! I can't promise that this will be in every scene, but there are a few geared this way. Glad you enjoyed the scene!
2015-11-06 08:31