Don't Blow My Cover

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Video Description: People have been complaining that the Nuru Massage is apparently conducting 'illegal activity', and it is Jake Jace's duty as a police officer to get to the bottom of this. He walks into the establishment, heads straight for the back and starts snooping in the dressers to find any incriminating evidence. His investigation is interrupted turning his face around to see his stepmother Cherie Deville in a Nuru Bathrobe. He had no idea his mother was working here and demands to know what sort of setup this is. Cherie has no issues showing her son around, proving her spa is as legitimate as it gets.

Cherie gets straight to business, removing her sons clothes for his shower time. Jake doesn't know how to feel. This is his mother after all, well, stepmother, but to him there isn't much of a difference. Cherie removes her clothes, directing him into the shower where she would bathe his naked body. The weirdness of being in a shower with his mom is too much for Jake, but Cherie insists that if he wants to know exactly what her establishment is about, he needs to pay attention and not focus so much on her being his mom. Laying down on the nuru bed, it is hard for Jake to fight against the boner he already has, with his mom rubbing her naked body up and down his back. Her boobs slipping down towards his cock doesn't help his case at all, but his sexual urge to fuck his stepmother is undeniable. Will Jake give the Nuru Massage a positive report? We think so!

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:( lousy acting and script for my favorite milf
2016-01-12 07:41
They killed my beautiful MILF Chery, it's my dream, it is more exciting shy and reluctant, I agree that is a lousy script and direction, that disappointment scene my poor MILF, the kind of actor sucks, like a pig farm. no best male actors.
2015-12-21 10:19
CheryDeville is a favorite milf, but had not seen such a poor performance from it. bad acting and lousy script, really bad camera angle
2015-12-08 18:54
Again no 69..
2015-12-06 22:18
You're getting as bad as footjob with your demands. Once again, it's NOT all about you
2015-12-06 22:28
@Salmonseeker: Hey, enjoy your member fantasy and never reply my messages again, 69 is the best! 69! 69! 69!
2015-12-07 04:57
Glad to see so many of you discussing this scene. I believe Cherie is the PERFECT MILF for this type of scene. Jake's a timid guy on camera as is, so the reluctant cop step-son was cast really well too! Really glad to see the discussion!
2015-12-04 12:29
I'm currently writing a nuru scene with Jake as a timid masseur massaging a predator cougar client. If I do it right , it could be a hoot.
2015-12-04 15:12
I look forward to reading your script
2015-12-05 17:13
Hey, ready! I've got it posted on the Nuru forum site as " The Cougar" It's a comedic scene and I'm hoping it could be fun,: though no-one has accused me of having a sense of humor in many years.
2015-12-19 19:29
Cherie is a PERFECT MILF !!!!!! Beautiful face and body and her pussy is an absolutely gorgeous shade of pink. While she does indeed have enhanced breasts, she didn't over-do them; perfectly proportional to the rest of her body, which is also perfect; ass, legs and stomach. Her dialogue was great; horny and playful at the same . Jake also did a great job playing the reluctant step-son. Well done on both parts. Camera angles are better than average for nuru --Thanks. Love to see much more of her in hardcore scenes. ( 9.75 out of 10 )
2015-12-04 07:08
nice tan line and sexy feet plz more of her
2015-11-15 11:45
perfect woman, but too easy, she had to be reluctant, had shown surprise, and offer a massage but with the condition not to say anything, but still, they reluctant, timid.

Mr. Producer, tell me that world there are women so easy. Cherie is very nice, but I need more drama, more reluctant
2015-11-13 19:57
Obviously you made you made your comment BEFORE seeing the entire video. there was plenty of reluctance on HIS part which was totally in character for the part he was playing. She's NOT playing a reluctant part --- after all, she's filming this session along with others that she's filmed before with other police to use for blackmail purposes.
2015-12-04 06:54
Oh, BTW the producer is a woman, Ms. Bree Mills
2015-12-04 09:07
A reluctant man to a woman as beautiful, Not credible.
2015-11-13 13:51
is credible, where you find women who break family ties easily? finished script director, damaging the fantasy, both had to be surprised
2015-11-13 20:00
You know with all your demands for more drama, you're sacrificing time of the scene. Let's face it, it's porn, NOT an Academy Award Nominee..
2015-11-27 05:55
I agree with you, I give just a personal opinion :-)
2015-11-27 13:48
because you think that TABOO classic movies were very popular, because the temptation and drama were the highlight, if only porn, then a history of rolefamily inventoried, but we would go straight to the scene.
2015-12-08 18:57