Amateur Hour

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Video Description: The Nuru massage is under renovation, but that doesn't stop client Lucas Frost from getting his needs taken care of. When he walks in he is greeted by construction worker Ryder Skye, who gives him the bad news that no one is around to help him out. But Lucas convinces her that she can be the one to ease his pain. She tells him she has no clue how to even begin, but Lucas is adamant about his a specific area, and he's more than happy to guide her through every step along the way. He guides Ryder toward the shower where she lathers his body with soap and they begin kissing passionately. They then proceed to the bathtub where Ryder is told that other masseuses stroke their clients cocks and sometimes give blowjobs. With a little encouragement, Ryder gets the hang of things, sexually pleasing Lucas more than she thought she could. When they end their amateur Nuru massage with his big hard cock in her tight pussy and a huge wad of hot cum on her stomach, this construction worker may just change career paths!

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Ryder is so special.
2017-05-26 08:22
Is this a new video? I just saw the power button on the shower and the date on there says 4/16/2016? I thought this was a newer video? Other than that it is an awesome scene!
2016-09-01 01:50
Hooray! :-)
2016-08-25 18:06
Ryder is looking very Very MUCH MORE SEXY NOW. I'd love to see her on AGM or GW...
2016-08-07 09:29