The Essence Of Sex: Part Two

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Video Description: Essential oil sales rep Casey Calvert is getting all dolled up when spa masseuse Eliza Jane calls to invite her over. She's interested in seeing more of her products. Casey was just about to head out, but she happily rejigs her plans to make a sale.

When Casey arrives, Eliza offers her a massage. Casey undresses and Eliza covers her in the same essential oil with aphrodisiac effects. Casey asks why she's offering these extra services. Eliza admits she just wants to open her soul to helping people, which is why she studied to be a masseuse in the first place. Casey is becoming breathless from her gentle strokes. She can feel the aphrodisiac taking effect.

She melts into the massage and lets Eliza take control of her body. The masseuse begins to lick between the crack of her ass. She keeps at it while rubbing her clit until Casey's pussy cums. Then Eliza props herself up on her hands and knees and Casey eats her ass and pussy from behind. Once Eliza melts in her mouth, she straddles Casey's face and rides her lesbian tongue. They press their pussies together and grind until they cum!

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Great scene with amazing women.
2018-01-27 06:13
Love this concept and they play it so well!
And I think it'd be kinda cool if you tied this in to the New Formula scenes with BREE and STELLA. It might make for a pretty interesting competition/collaboration/epic love-making session...
2017-12-19 16:20
Can we maby save the 2 parters for the Amazing scenes and not the Vanilla generic les scene that wev a millions times before ?
2017-11-14 14:43
How cute is Eliza's outfit here ? But then she looks crazy-hot-sexy-cute in anything. And out of anything.

Absolutely adore this pairing. Part One was amazing and the sequel is just as good. Love the closeups of Casey's tongue locked onto Eliza's clit, the gleaming sweat they've both built up by the end, everything basically. Holy cow !

2017-11-08 19:26
This looks even hotter than part Wow WOW
2017-10-18 01:21