The Tired Client

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Video Description: Jill Kassidy went out last night and is sore as hell. Her masseuse, Jillian Janson, asks her if she has any sore spots but Jill remarks that she's sore pretty much everywhere. Jillian asks her to take off her clothes and lie down so they can have a look. Jill lies down on her back as Jillian oils up her hands and starts massaging her. She barely notices Jillian's hands all over her breasts as she's too exhausted to care. Dozing off for a second, she mumbles something about her tits. Jillian takes this as an invitation as she can't keep her hands of her perfect little tits. Jillian takes a chance and runs her hand closer to Jill's pussy but doesn't get a reaction. Either Jill has no idea what's going on or doesn't mind. Either way, Jillian is having too much fun to stop. When she starts playing with her pussy more, Jill starts moaning, exclaiming that what she's doing feels amazing. Jillian takes full advantage as she continues to play with her pussy, finally asking her to roll over to unveil her tight little ass. Jillian can't help but massages her ass first, admiring its perfection. It isn't long before she starts playing with her pussy again making her cum in the process. Jillian takes off her clothes as they embrace in a passionate kiss. She starts eating Jillian's pussy again making her climax one more time. The girls trib and then Jillian face-fucks Jill, exploding all over her mouth. It looks like Jill will be booking another appointment real soon!

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A thoroughly enjoyable scene with 2 beautiful women. They seemed to really be enjoying the massage and the sex, that was great to see. Also great was the absence of shouting, screaming and general overdone porn histrionics. These things totally, for me anyway, destroy any eroticism a scene would have. The close ups were great, I loved seeing the wet pussies, faces and fingers. I second user 232's comments about
the tribbing. It was enjoyable to watch, especially when the women were having an orgasm, but would have been a lot hotter with visible pussy to pussy contact. Close ups of that action would have been terrific. All in all an excellent erotic scene.
2018-01-31 21:12
That was a very erotic scene. I dont see these 2 lovely ladies all that much so it was a nice & refreshing to see different faces vs the usual suspects me they're kinda new. Very sensual and erotic when it came to the rubbing and massaging and both ladies were into it so it was very well done.
My only 2 issues of critique is this ( minor nothing major)...
1...the massage should have started off on her stomach and "buildup" to rubbing the tits & pussy but it was great the way it was
2...when they tribbed or scissors they need to face the camera or the camera needs to move around so we can see their pussie grind up against one another. All too often I see them tribbing with the chic on top with her back to the camera & the bottom girl's thigh blocking the action as well so basically we see nothing and I dont know bout anybody else but for see their pussies grind up against one another is one of the hottest things ever but all too often we dont get to see that cuz their back is to the camera and a leg or thigh is in the way. I see more than I care to recall lol. Please redirect them or move the camera into position so we can see. Thats all Im asking.
That would have made this scene an A+++....however I still an A but could have been so much better. Just my 2cents on the matter. Just minor issues haha. Great job though and I love the 2 hot ladies.
2018-01-31 06:33
So erotic, so beautiful. I loved how Jillian went straight for the boobs and kept going back often. I'm going to agree with Les here about the scant level of chat in this one. The slow, gentle, erotic massage WAS the story. A great update with two beautiful women, some hot facesitting and a nice 69 to boot!
2018-01-30 00:49
Great work by Jillian here as she is happy to stay silent and let her wandering hands tell their own story. Sometimes I think there is too much chat as I am content having the silence increase and build it's own tension as the masseuse works inner thighs or glutes.
If the masseuse stays quiet and acts natural then the client has no grounds for being anything more than suspicious until contact actually occurs with her labia or asshole. Then it’s on...
2018-01-30 00:04
Holy smokes, this is one of the best updates in a good while. Solid chemistry and great performances by both models.
2018-01-29 19:36
A couple of super hot girls who are great performers so definitely think I’ll stay awake.
2018-01-26 01:57