My First Thai Session

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Video Description: Natalia Starr is excited for her massage today. It will be her first time getting a Thai massage and she couldn't be happier. Alexis Fawx greets her, telling her she'll be the one taking care of her today. She tells Natalia to get undressed so they can get started. Natalia turns around and starts taking off her clothes as Alexis watches her. She can't help but notice how smoking hot Natalia is. When she lies down on the table, she tells Alexis that's she's been doing a lot of squats lately and that her glutes are really sore. Alexis tells her that she'll definitely spend some time on then and asks her to just lie down and unwind as she begins. Alexis oils up her hands and rubs them all over Natalia's body. It doesn't take long before her hands are all over her ass and inner thighs. Natalia moans and doesn't seem to mind that Alexis is inches away from her pussy. It actually seems like she likes it. When she asks her to sit up she grabs her arms and starches them out. Euphoric, Natalia tells Alexis that this is the best massage she's ever gotten. Alexis has her lie down on her back and massages her breasts in slow circular motions. It clear to Alexis that Natalia is getting really turned on at this point so it's only natural that she take off her clothes and join her on the massage table. When Natalia opens her eyes to find Alexis pouring oil all over her tits, she ecstatic for the full body experience. When the girls start gliding on each other's bodies it doesn't take long before they start kissing and groping each other. And when Alexis eats Natalia's pussy and makes her cum it's a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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you need a way to search for natural tits that means "don't show me any sets with a model who has implants". Please let us *ex*clude fakes. I guess this set is tagged "natural" because one model has naturals. I bet you when someone clicks the tag "natural" they do it to avoid models with implants.
2018-04-09 19:14
Awesome scene. Look forward to Alexis' next AGM scene
2018-04-05 17:14
2018-04-03 07:24
Excellent work in this scene! Watching Natalia Starr get her ass massaged and oiled by Alexis Fawx was super hot. Alexis did a really nice job of spreading and caressing Natalia's ass. It made it even better that we could hear Natalia's heavy breathing and exhaling of getting turned on and relieved of her body tension. This is the kind of scene I want to see, where both the masseuse and the client are having consensual ass and pussy massage with no resistance. The masseuse digs deeper in her client's ass, the client opens her legs a little wider for us to see all her juicy parts.
2018-04-02 19:09
********** TEN STAR TALENTED LADIES ********** Looks like a very good scene!!!
2018-03-18 11:39
another fantastic Pairing, Natalia and Alexis are super super beautiful and sexy !!!
2018-03-18 05:59