Creampie Finish

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Video Description: When Tommy Pistol gets some complaints regarding Chloe Cherry he realizes that he's gonna have to fire her. When Chloe walks in for her shift, Tommy stops her and asks her to sit down. He explains to her that he got a call from upper management regarding the fact that she has no returns clients and unfortunately, he's going to have to let her go. Chloe pleads with him saying that her clients love her and the job she does. When Tommy tells her the decision is out of his hands Chloe has an idea; she could give him the message and see first hand how valuable of an asset she is to the company. Tommy figures if it doesn't work out he could fire her anyway and get a free massage in the process. He agrees as they go to the back to change and get ready. The first step is to take a shower to detoxify the body. She asks Tommy to get undressed so she can lather him up in the shower. Chloe is on her knees massaging his legs and ass when she asks him to turn around. When he tells her that every muscle needs to be massaged she gets the message pretty quickly as she starts stroking his dick. Tommy asks her if she's ever done this with any of the other clients. When her response is no, he tells her that maybe that's the reason why she doesn't get any return clients. He instructs her on how to stroke his cock making sure to correct her if need be. She escorts him to the tub, where he tells her it's about that time where she should start sucking his dick. With her job on the line, Chloe complies and starts blowing him. When he lays done on the mat she oils him up and starts sliding on his dick, once she starts riding him, Chloe knows her job is safe and secure.

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