Feet Therapy (HARDCORE)

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Starring Mia Li, Robby Echo
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Video Description: Robby isn't a very confident guy. He has issues getting hard and staying hard, but he isn't afraid to find a solution. Mia Li makes him feel very comfortable, and she asks what usually helps when he does get hard. He tells her he has a foot fetish, so she tells him that this is going to be a very successful session, and he will benefit from it. Robby is happy to be pampered and to not be ridiculed for his condition. He's done taking drugs for his issues, so when Mia suggests he think as filthily as he wishes, he is happy to imagine her soft feet rubbing against his hard twitching cock, and her warm mouth wrapped around his warm member. Mia is so happy with his progress that she lets him fuck her wet pussy and cum all over her feet.

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more feet
2015-03-16 16:39
Pretty girl, sexy lingerie, garbage guy jerking off finish.
2015-03-07 14:37
Mia..... you are just brilliant....!!!!! Your voice and facial expression is the best of everyone.
2015-03-07 13:01
ready (user_21767480)
very sexy lingerie
2015-03-07 05:44