Fooling The Family: Part One

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Video Description: Hey Guys!

Today I felt like messing around with people heads, especially my client Nina Elle. This tight provocative milf is a regular and did I ever give her what she needed and much more! Her body was looking tight from all the yoga shes been doing, so I focused on her thighs and inner pussy since she was tense with her husband's son and daughter making her life somewhat unbearable. Nina wasn't shy in giving me the hint her boobs had to be taken care of too. Rubbing those puppies together made her horny for my cock inside her tight pussy. But first, my cock needed some TLC. She shoved it in her mouth and I ate her sweet wet pussy. It was funny though, later, while I was fucking her, I had the biggest fantasy of fucking her daughter too. After showing her the little camera I set up, she really didn't have a choice but to influence her daughter to come in and get a taste for my cock!


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I don't understand WHY !! Why would a beautiful woman disfigure herself by having a skull tattooed on her shoulder --- does she really think that it's sexy? She also over did the bolt-ons. She's got great legs and a luscious ass together with a pretty pink pussy. I'm actually surprised that she allowed Eric to eat her with that scruffy beard of his. I'm a fan of Eric, but he's turning scruffy and unappealing.
2015-12-09 06:53