He Wont Wake Up, Promise!

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Video Description: Cassidy Klein wakes up next to her boyfriend from a crazy evening of hard partying. Having barely any rest, Cassidy begs her boyfriend for a massage so she could snooze. He finally caves in but it doesn't last very long as he turns on his back and dozes off. Cassidy gets up in frustration, not knowing what to do. Derrick Pierce walks into the living room, wondering why Cassidy was naked. She explains that her useless boyfriend was supposed to massage her so she could rest but that didn't happen. She asks Derrick if he could give her a massage but he wasn't sure considering her boyfriend was right beside them...

Derrick ultimately gives in, massaging her naked body, going lower and lower towards her ass. Cassidy compliments his techniques, claiming he was way better at massaging than her boyfriend. She turns around on her back, exposing her chest, where Derrick didn't seem to care and was totally into it. Cassidy's boyfriend kept shifting around, scaring Derrick and ultimately getting caught on top of his girlfriend. He became uncomfortable saying he had to go but Cassidy had other plans for Derrick and his huge boner. Her tricky business will not go unnoticed! Enjoy!

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cassidy very good at suprise girl faq.skinny tight body and flexible.her face at sex sooooo hot....
please focus on her face at banging....scene was great....big talent.
2015-11-23 17:48
where did all the hot stars go??? bring back the talent Peta Jensen, Nina Elle, Destiny Dixon... there are hotter ones!!!
2015-07-30 14:21
Cassidy is beautiful!. A really hot athletic body and she knows how to use it. Hope to see more of her. Clever story line, I've been there, make some more like this please
2015-07-29 09:35
Which way friend, screwing your buddy's girlfriend while he's asleep in the room, or the other way around?
2015-07-29 11:25
Cassidy is as gorgeous as ever and if I were Derrick I would have spent more time eating that beautiful pussy. ( after all, the scene was only slightly over 19 min. ) Understandably , being on a couch limits the positioning and thereby the camera angles, but a RCG or doggy would have worked fine especially if Cassidy jacked Derrick off on her pussy in RCG. I also think you missed a bet by your ending. In my opinion you've could have had 2 tricks instead of just the 1 camera trick. You could have had Cassidy's boyfriend wake up after Derrick left to find her with cum on her pussy and stomach and when he asked her what she was doing, she could have told him it was lotion as she vigorously rubbed it in. Once again, Cassidy saves what could have been a much better scene. Love looking at her scrumptious body ---- perfect ass, breasts, and legs. ( I know she's got a beautiful pussy ---- too bad we didn't more of it ) ( 7.25 out of 10 ) good concept though.
2015-07-29 07:09