Here For A Friend

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Video Description: Masseuse Quinn Wilde greets Penelope Reed, who is sitting waiting, thinking she's a client ready for her massage. Penelope says that she's actually waiting for her friend. When Quinn asks if she's talking about Emily, Penelope smiles and says yes. Quinn informs her that her friend actually left just 10 minutes earlier with a guy, which annoys Penelope. Quinn asks if she wants a massage since she has free time now... on the house since the masseuse feels bad. Penelope agrees and follows Quinn to the massage area.

Quinn instructs that she can go ahead and get undressed so they can begin. Penelope hesitates and ask if it's necessary to get undressed, and Quinn explains it's so that she can use the massage oils on her. Penelope then undresses and lays down on the massage table, ready for her massage.

Quinn asks if there are any problem areas Penelope would like worked on, and she answers that that'd be her lower back and arms. Quinn starts working her shoulders and moves down to her back. Quinn tells her that Penelope seems to be holding a lot of tension in her lower back. She works in thoroughly and she gets really close to her ass. When Penelope asks her what she's doing, she says there are a lot of knots here and she's just trying to work them out. She works on her legs and then asks her to turn over.

When Quinn oils up her tits and Penelope starts to squirm, Quinn asks if she's okay, which she says she is. Quinn continues massaging her tits and Penelope can't deny how good it feels. She then requests that Quinn start working on her lower half. Quinn massages down to Penelope's pussy and Penelope writhes with pleasure, encouraging her to continue. Although she was nothing but professional before, Quinn can't resist helping Penelope relieve ALL her tension once her client shows that she's into it. Their bodies crash together as they passionately kiss, eat each other out, and trib themselves to orgasmic bliss. Sweaty and breathless, Quinn admits that she's kind of glad that Penelope's friend left her because now Penelope's all hers!

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Love that bush!
2018-10-11 06:38
i agree the breasts should have been seductively and continuely in her face for a bit! The background sucked! what the hell was that? And the door was open also. poor camera work... good scene though...
2018-09-24 16:32
Fine sexy Hot scene!! How can Quinn not seductively plant her beautiful breasts in Penelope's face when she massaging her shoulders working down to her hard nipples. How can Penelope nearly ignore Quinn's alluring gorgeous boobs... That said I really enjoyed the scene as done... ***
2018-09-24 06:54