Jessi Iza Double Trouble

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Starring Jessi Gold, Iza
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Video Description: Jessi Gold and brunette Iza give their client a deluxe four-handed massage. The teens kiss each other succulently while the client rests comfortably on the massage table. Jessi caresses the client's back with massage oil, while Iza plays with Jessi's perky natural breasts. Jessi slips off her shorts revealing her trim athletic hips and flat stomach. Iza gets fully naked too, kissing the client, while he tugs on her nipples. The blonde straddles the client while she's bottomless. She works his back and his ass, while her brunette friend brings her pussy close to his mouth. He licks her pussy while Jessi sits on his dick. Then they switch up the threesome. The brunette gets fucked from behind, while Jessi fingers Iza's clit until her pussy explodes. Then he scoops up the blonde and fucks an orgasm out of Jessi, before he penetrates Iza's ass and blows a huge load of jizzy cum.

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love the ending... the cumkiss with a smiling girl... great!!! :-)
2017-01-01 15:34
What is this a trailer many many scenes... not good....
2016-12-09 07:18
These bonus scenes all share the same trailer; sorry for any confusion. We've added these bonus scenes in an effort to enhance your experience by offering more frequent updates. Note that they are not meant to replace our original content, just to add a little something extra. :)
2016-12-22 14:53