Lost In Translation

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Video Description: While Kalina Ryu is looking at lesbian porn she sees blonde bomb shell Mia Malkova on the site and is instantly in love with the American princess. Kalina is probably the luckiest woman on the planet as she hears the front door open and its Mia Malkova in the flesh! Kalina shows Mia toward the massage room and is invited to take a shower. Kalina massages Mia's legs, boobs and butt. Mia doesn't understand why but since there is a language barrier, it is easier to just go with the flow. Once on the massage table, Kalina lathers Mia's body from head to toe, massaging every inch of her body and it starts to become a little weird as Kalina rubs Mia's body with her own. Mia didn't realize it was going to be this sort of massage but goes with the flow. Kalina makes it very apparent that she is in need of some lesbian fornication. Kalina touches Mia's pussy with her mouth making it nice and wet to introduce her gentle fingers inside of Mia's pussy. Mia cums over her face and engages in some hot and spicy foreign fornication!

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Kalina is amazing!
2017-11-19 05:13
More of Kalina!!!More of Kalina!!!More of Kalina!!!
2017-10-11 22:36
loooove this scene. Love the sexual build up and love how Mia puts up a resistance. Great use of the mirrors and camera angles. Love the whole concept of the language barrier and lack of communication that leads to misinterpretation. I would like more of this concept, very sexy!
2017-09-27 12:23
Very good scene
2016-08-15 11:07
very good scene, love the use of the mirrors, would like to see them in more of the shoots, give so much more to the filming when you can see both ladies expression instead of just the one the camera is focus on, when you watch the scene a second time and pay attenion to the mirrors you see so much more depth to the action. Great job.
2016-07-01 23:48
Just perfect! The right amount of resistance and seduction is perfect. I would like to see another in translation scene but maybe with different models, I'm not saying Mia and Kalina are not good enough but it would be awesome to change it up a bit. Maybe Vanessa Veracruz with a other lanaguage speaker?
2016-06-10 10:34
You need to put Kalina and Mia together again, but this time to share a guy in Nuru Massage!
2016-04-24 10:23
Kalina was amazing! First time I've ever seen or heard of her I admit (albeit a bit shamefully now I've seen her), but already would love to see her more! Mia is just what Mia is, the prettiest type of perfection out there. Scene was very fun to watch, with the language barrier getting in the way made it all the more enjoyable about how the whole seduction was going to play out. The massage looked really quite nice (I wouldn't mind getting one myself I won't lie) and the rest is pretty much beautiful.
2016-03-21 14:07
Very Hot scene... Nearly as good as Adrianna Sephora and Georgia Jones in "Extra Special Oil"... Would love to see Adrianna in another all girl massage...
2016-03-01 18:47
Love the mirrors!!! This was seductive, but lacked seduction!!!
2016-02-29 20:01
Stills By Alan
In what sense? You wanted Mia to offer more "resistance" b4 agreeing to have sex with Kalina? How much resistance is the right amount?
2016-02-29 23:22
She offered the right resistance.... She was very sexy in the scene.. She could have appeared to have had a more turned on reaction to the shower/massage but that is a very minor point and I thought it was fine. Good scene AGM..
2016-03-01 18:52
I'm all for seduction but not sure how it could have occurred in this scene as Kalina was checking Mia out on a lesbian porn site. So for Mia to be reluctant, coy and hesitant would have been a contradiction. Seduction when it suits yes, right on. But only when appropriate for the characters the girls are portraying.
2016-03-09 05:03
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