Marital Revenge

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Video Description: Newly dumped after three years of marriage for a chick with big tits, Morgan Lee is looking for revenge when big titted Bridgette B wanders into Serenity Spa. Bridgette is engaged to be married, and has the rock to prove it. But she has her doubts, which Morgan tries to exploit with self-serving advice. 'Men only end up cheating anyway. But relax and stop stressing. Just be cautious, and don't jump into it. There are lots of fish in the sea, both men and women.' That comment about women catches Bridgette off guard. She has no real lesbian experience, only a few lesbian dreams about her neighbor, who cum to think of it, looks a lot like Morgan. But Bridgette's a good fiancee, it's just that she has 'dreams and feelings,' Bridgette pouts to Morgan who can't stop ogling her big bare breasts. And frankly, all this talk about lesbian sex isn't making it easier to cum to a decision. Morgan soothes Bridgette's conflicted mind, using her skilled hands to draw her attention away from her worries, cupping her ass and rubbing her glistening pussy till she moans that it feels so good. When Morgan tastes her pussy with her pretty little mouth, Bridgette spreads her legs invitingly, and they sixty-nine and scissor till they cum! Revenge pussy never tasted so sweet.

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Stills By Alan
glad you guys liked it! i always pay extra close attention to the seduction on AGM scenes since i know you guys enjoy it so much...
2016-11-02 02:15
This is very good. Please keep them coming...
2016-11-04 08:23
Very nice scene. Watching Morgan rub down Bridgette's ass really got me turned on. Morgan wasn't afraid to really dig in and Bridgette seemed to get really turned on by it. The camera angle was perfect seeing Bridgette's vagina, ass, and inner thighs get fondled by Morgan's hands for an extended period of time. I only wish every AGM scene had that type of seduction. However, not too many scene's on this site gets that type of treatment. Please make more scene's like this one with lots of ass spreading and massaging.
2016-10-25 16:33
Almost good seduction... a little fast but exciting...should had some ass licking added in and a little more toe licking...
2016-10-24 18:12
This is a really fine job AGM. You might have had Morgan oil up Bridgette's sexy breasts in the seduction but WOW they seduced each other. I'd love to see them again. Very HOT scene.. WELL DONE... Thanks Ladies...
2016-10-24 08:07
Finally we're going to see this hot seduction!!!
2016-10-22 11:36
I can hardly wait for this one to come out. Very Alluring Sexy Hot full of revenge seduction possibilities.. !!
2016-09-25 22:34