Showdown in Little Takuo Part 3

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Video Description: The curvaceous Summer Brielle is back to check in on Takuo and the the Nuru Massage Spa. This time however, she decides to 'observe', making sure everything at the spa is running smoothly as well as, the masseuses. Takuo doesn't seem to mind as the gorgeous, Olivia Wilder and Angelina Chung step in, to share both their knowledge and talents to make Summer very proud! Takuo on the other hand, is looking forward to showing these hot, sexy American women the best time they've ever had... Japan, will never be the same after this massage ;)

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On the contrary, I find the solos interspersed with the main action perfectly fine and just the right amount. I do agree however, that Summer was not the best casting choice. Sorry Summer, but you over enhanced ( you should have seen that coming only infantile men want humongous boobs Natural size is MUCH sexier. Anything Over a mouthful is wasted. ) , and get off the botox on the lips. ( tip: give enough BJs before a shoot and they'll be nicely plumped for the camera.) Finally Summer, you are an absolutely beautiful girl.
2015-05-08 17:51
OK!!, Very hot penetration on bath scene, well done. 4 hand massage excellent with hot close up of BBBJ. It is always hot to have one girl guide the stiff cock into the pussy of the other on the penetration in the Nuru massage. I would have enjoyed this video a lot more with out the distraction of Summer doing her self. That could have a separate video for those that find her attractive, I don't.
2015-03-27 11:37