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Video Description: Since Alix Lynx and Romeo Price's parents got married, it's been nothing but a mad house. Romeo has been working his ass off to get the hell out of there. The step-siblings are grateful though that they have each other and always had a great relationship. Sitting beside the pool on a warm and beautiful day, Alix asks her brother if he can massage her back from a sports injury . Romeo finds this awkward since it is his sister, but Alix doesn't think anything of it, after all family helps each other out!

Alix is feeling a lot more relaxed laying down on the bed outside, having her brother rub deep in her back. She has him untie her bikini top, afraid to get oil on her straps. Romeo knows how weird of a situation this is, but be that as it may, he remains captivated by her huge boobs inches away from sight. She asks him to also rub her ass feeling strain from her game yesterday and at this point, Romeo cannot say no to his sisters demands. Alix is covered with oil and is in dire need of a shower, but Romeo insists he needs one since he did all the work, so Alix proposes they shower together. after all, the shower is massive.

Romeo watches his sister lather her boobs tempting his sexual energy, unable to look away from her flawless body. Alix knows he is watching her, and teases him by deliberately removing her bikini bottom, bouncing her boobs in his face and touching her pussy. She asks him if he needs help with his erection peeking through his shorts which he cannot deny her. Getting on her knees she sticks his cock deep inside her throat, ready for his load on her face, but their father yells out at them, chasing both out of the shower. They run into her bedroom to finish what they started. She gets on all fours, waiting for her step-brother to fill her tight pussy with his cock, Romeo cannot believe his fantasies of fucking his sister is now a reality. She begs him to fill her pussy, demanding that he fuck her harder until she cums all over his cock. Romeo gives her exactly what she needs; a massive load on his sweet sister's face!

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I just signed up on this site...only to watch this scene! And it was worth it!! loved the TABOO talk...without the "step" once it has been established. so kinky! please keep scenes like this one coming and you will have a new long term member!
2016-01-02 08:34
finally a scene where you establish a step brother and step sister then go on JUST SAYING brother and sister...sooo hot! Now do that with mother and daughter and sisters!!!!! I suggested that long ago.. Like Girlsway? Mommysgirl is doing mother/ hot!!!
2015-11-16 20:54
ready (user_21767480)
good episode but no sex scene in the shower, more hardcore scene in the shower plz :-) (nuru)
2015-11-12 14:51
That definately could have added a very nice element.. in truth it's what I had planned.. but when you're producing scenes in bathrooms, reverb can be a huge issue.
2015-11-13 15:50
ready (user_21767480)
that is why there are so few hardcore scene shower on nuru massage.
I hope you find a solution, I trust you.
2015-11-13 16:26
Glad you guys like it! I had a lot of fun dreaming this up. the guys did a bangin' job of capturing it too!
2015-11-12 08:48
Definitely need more Step Brother and Sister scenes, and Step Mom scenes too! It's really hot, and I loved the story and Alix using the "brother" word was great! More please! x
2015-11-17 11:47
This has to be the BEST scene you've given us in a very long time for all the RIGHT reasons : Alix is beautiful with tits that almost look natural, her pussy is heavenly, GREAT camera work catching all the best angles ( thanks Eric ), Alix keeps up a steady sexy banter aside from the excessive use of the word " brother ". Romeo goes a bit mute, but then again who wouldn't while fucking such a glorious babe. ( 9.75 out of 10 )
2015-11-12 06:02
i like this,for all the wrong reasons :o)
2015-11-11 16:22