The Centerpiece

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Video Description: When kinesiology major Blair Williams starts to give her petite friend Anya Olsen a soothing back massage, it's much to the delight of Blair's peeping husband Aaron Wilcox. After Anya undresses, and Blair disappears to get some massage oil, Anya grabs Blair's phallic glass centerpiece and fucks her pussy with it like a dildo.

When Blair emerges moments later with the oil, and catches her husband stroking his dick to Anya's masturbation, Blair is none too pleased with Anya for getting him started, and she tells her to finish him off. Anya gets to sucking Aaron's cock while Blair licks Anya's tiny ass and pussy. The threesome activity intensifies when Anya climbs onto his cock, and they both eat Blair's pussy. The girls take turns cumming on Aaron's hard cock, until he loses his load and cums in their mouths!

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What a great scene. Excellent performances.
This one has a bit of a moral attached...while it can be a bit of an uncomfortable situation when a guest is caught masturbating with an ornament, good friends can work through these predicaments and live happily ever after. Don't sweat the smalll stuff!!
Thanks Blair, Anya and Aaron, great work Barrett, Lucy and the team.
2016-11-30 15:00
You're Welcome Old Banger!
2016-12-19 10:09
This one looks like it could be amazing. Cast appears to be heavily into the story. The girls are looking fantastic. Cannot wait to watch full scene unfold. The centrepiece is a really beautiful creation, so credit to props department for finding that jewel too.
2016-11-02 17:01