The Cleaner

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Video Description: Cassidy Klein makes her rounds, cleaning the spa, wishing she could just trades jobs for a day. Listening to her music full blast, she doesn't realize that Karlie Montana, horrified at the weird girl as she watches her role play. Cassidy apologizes wishing she can have someone show her to massage. Karlie volunteers to be a test subject, getting completely naked on the table. Cassidy is unaware of Karlie's ulterior motives; to have Cassidy rub her feet, boobs and eat her pussy out until she is completely satisfied. If Cassidy wants to job she will have to learn quick what a real happy ending is!


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you video, excellent material, beautiful and beautiful actresses, very real scenes and with love and intensity
2018-07-20 13:34
I LOVE the scenarios on this website MORE THAN ANYTHING ON EARTH! The acting is superb! The GIRLS are HEAVEN ON EARTH GORGEOUS, I LOVE Karlie's DREAM HIPS & MAGNIFICENT FIGURE! Imagining seeing Karlie's asshole if I massaged her BIG BUTT drives me INSANE! I LOVE seeing Cassidy finally lick Karlie's DREAM PUSSY-OH GOD ALMIGHTY, I LOVE WHEN SHE FINALLY really gives in & REALLY LICKS IT-OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD I WISH I could LICK Karlie's HEAVEN PUSSY! What I LOVE about lesbian movies, that you won't find in hetero boring movies, is that when the women take their shirts off their nipples are ROCK HARD, look at Cassidy's after she takes her pants off, she knows her pussy is GOING TO BE LICKED, THEY ARE HARD & FIRM!!! OMG I LOVE Karlie's PUSSY LICKING, I LOVE HER LIPS ON Cassidy's HEAVEN PUSSY & THE LICKS & KISSES, THE SLURPING OF THE JUICES IS HEEEAVEN!!! I love Karlie's dream hips & BIG BUTT IN THE AIR, I WANT TO SMELL HER ASSHOLE & LICK HER PUSSY FROM BEHIND!!! I ACHE TO SMELL & LICK Cassidy's PUSSY! Karlie makes me ACHE TO SLIDE MY PENIS IN HER & CUM ALL OVER HER CERVIX!!!
2018-06-28 21:41
Massive thanks to all involved in making this such a great scene and bringing a fantasy I drafted to life.
Thanks Stills for communicating the concept to Cassidy and Karlie. Must have been difficult on you to see the resistance through and not relent so the girls could simply get into each other like they wanted. The acting was impeccable. It was my good fortune to have the site cast 2 of my very favourite actresses who embraced their roles and totally nailed the scene.
Thanks Lucy for choosing this scene for production - I really appreciate your commitment to maintaining such high standards and your personal dedication to this site.
I'm so pleased because I think the girls really delivered and to see them so excited and aroused after, embracing together when the scene concluded was brilliant. Their shared enjoyment and that they kept cameras rolling for BTS really showed the pleasure they derived from the scene. High fives all round.
2015-11-28 08:34
glad you liked it!
2015-12-27 06:39
finally, Karlie Montana, her old scene with Madison ivy is still one of the hottest ever on this site..
2015-11-11 00:29
It's been a while since I've seen Karlie taking a dick. Is she no longer doing boy/girl?
2015-10-29 01:04
This is soo sexy! The hottest scene for Karlie since the scene with Karlie and Madison!! Great... More Please!1
2015-10-28 08:34
Amazing hot movie I was really waiting for. Cassidy Klein is simply fantastic and she is totally into her role in a beautiful way, Karlie is really hot as usual and it's always a pleasure to see her.

Only problem: I would've loved to see more explicit tribbing and finger fucking. I really missed some intense closeup on the girls pussies when they were rubbing against each other as I also missed some good and hard g spot fingering to orgasm.

This movie was great, but it would've been even hotter with more tribbing filmed in a much more explicit way as with a bit more g spot massage fingering.

Please film tribbing in a much more detailed and explicit way, I don't can with obsessive closeups only but also showing us the girls pussies rub against each other as it happens. It's so hard if not even impossible to find hot and genuine tribbinglike this.
You have the best tribbing action ever filmed so please let us see it all, in great detail and in all it's beauty.
Thanks and congratulations as always.
2015-10-28 05:22
Good job girls. Karli is a great instructor and Cassidy resistance and facial expressions are wonderful.
2015-10-27 06:52
Nice balance between funny and sexy. Acting makes it work! Well done ladies.
2015-10-26 18:32
This works well as a comedy scene, not as a sensual massage. Karlie should get that rash looked at.
2015-10-26 14:37
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