The Masseuse's POV

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Video Description: Flirty masseuse Brett Rossi greets her new client Lena Anderson. Lena has a sore back. She gets her get undressed and appreciates the feel of her firm little boobs as she helps take off her outfit. Before they begin the massage, Brett comes around to inspect her back. She hops on the table, and stretches her out. Then she lays Lena face down on the table. When the massage begins, Lena insists on leaving on her panties. She covers her in oil and asks her if she likes tacos, with or without lettuce. Lena has no preference.

Brett is overheating so she takes off her shirt and bra. She hops back on the table and straddles her client's butt. Then she glides her upper torso along Lena's back while telling her she just graduated from massage school. She convinces her to remove her panties and applies more oil to her butt. She reaches for her pussy and remarks on the tension she feels in there. Then Brett takes off her bottoms due to the heat.

She climbs back onto her client and rubs her boobs on her back some more. Then she swivels around and tribs the small of her back claiming it's an official massage technique. Brett is concerned that Lena's really stressed and warns that her session will take longer than usual. In fact, she's going to have to lick her pussy to make a dent in her stress. Lena is patient with her strange masseuse and lets her make the decisions. After she eats her out, Brett tribs her pussy till she cums. Then Lena licks the masseuse's clit till she blasts off again!

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could have been a good scene, but the loud mouth pushy lady is obnoxious. ruined the whole scene.
2018-02-19 19:58
2018-01-27 09:15
Massaging is serious business like attending a doctors appointment. Clients will not rebook if the masseuse is causing stress rather than relieving it. Got the feeling Lena was a bit on edge not knowing what would happen next! Lol
2017-11-04 00:51
When Brett way of acting fits very well funny scenes or those with an outgoing character, it doesn't work at all for AGM. It is sad Brett can't play any other way because both models are stunning and it could have been an amazing scene.
2017-10-30 18:56
Can you please stop with the assault videos, and do more like "The Essence Of Sex: Part One", where both women are getting turned on by the massage?
2017-10-21 22:06
What is it with all these loudmouth characters lately ? Such a turn-off. Please stop with this crap.
2017-10-20 11:16
Poor Lena. No hot young model who has chosen to do porn should have to put up with that.
2017-10-19 13:38
Brett completely takes me out of it. The whole escapism aspect is ruined when she is so obnoxious. No masseuse would be so hyper. Booooooo!
2017-10-19 02:43
yep....a great looking couple....a poorly made video. even for porn
2017-10-18 22:55
Will someone bench Brett Rossi? I love this site, but her videos suck because she has the acting ability of a potato.
2017-10-17 23:16
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