The Novice

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Video Description: Kalina is just cleaning up after a long day of giving Nuru Massages but one thing catches her eye. The young man who washes the windows. Tyler is working for his mom who usually gives him his window washing jobs for extra cash. Kalina strips in front of him, hoping he'll notice, but when he gets out of the way she finishes her shower. When she finds Tyler masturbating while checking her out, she is happy he's back and invites him in for a blow job, and the last massage of the day. Kalina really knows her stuff, and its Tyler's lucky day because she's the most amazing cock sucker at the spa. Who wants to see these two again? I know I do!

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More butthole licking like this please.
2018-08-08 00:21
Stupid that needs to jerk into condom
2018-04-17 11:31
Kalina is amazing!
2017-11-19 05:13
More of Kalina!!!!!!!
2017-10-11 22:33
We need more Asian fuck toys around to make our cocks happy. Love KALINA!!!!! More please.
2017-01-27 11:58
Kalina is hot please keep her around
2015-10-09 06:38
I love the way she drink it out of the condom to ridicule to stupid California rules.
2015-05-30 11:19
Kalina Ryu is very hot,... I would love too see more of her,... maybe a condom free scene of her with creampies!!!
2015-05-08 20:44
Kalina is very hot! She performs very well. Very sexy and you really feel she loves it (or she's a very good actress... which works too!). She's a keeper definitely.
2014-12-10 14:53
Agreed. Definitely more shower sex, please.
2014-12-06 17:19
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