The Sore Cyclist

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Video Description: Jaye Summers walks into the massage parlor in pain. India Summer greets her and asks her how she may be of service. Jaye tells her that her ass is really sore from spending so much time on her bike and as she was biking past she saw the sign for the parlor and wondered if she could get a massage without any appointment. India tells her that she just got a cancellation and that she'll be able to personally service her immediately. Jaye is thrilled. India asks Jaye to follow her to the massage room.

Jaye lies down on the table but doesn't take her clothes off. India remarks that it would probably be easier to massage her without all her gear on but Jaye insists on keeping it on as she's not wearing any underwear. She states that she would prefer to keep her clothes on. India acquiesces and asks her to lie down. She starts massaging her back, moves down to her ass and start working it but is having a hard time as a result of the padding in her bike shorts. India informs her politely that there's not much she can do with these shorts. They're padded and they're not allowing her to work on Jaye's muscles properly. India adds that she can cover herself with a towel if she likes but the massage won't be as effective if she's clothed. Jaye thinks it over and agrees, adding that she'll do whatever she has to do to win her next race. India hands her a towel and turns around. Jaye, who's now standing, slowly strips out of her biking gear, wraps the towel around herself and lies back down.

India oils up her hands and starts with her feet slowly moving up to the legs commenting on how toned they are. She's never had a cyclist for a client before but she can see the difference it makes. It's clear the masseuse is taking more than just a professional interest and although her athletic client notices this, she pays it little mind and chooses not to say anything. The masseuse massages her shoulders and her back and leaves the best for last; her perfect ass. For this, she decides to retrieve a bolster, which makes the cyclist curious. The masseuse assures her it's to help her hit the right angles while massaging her glutes. When India starts massaging her ass, Jaye can certainly feel the difference as she moans.

After India has worked on her client's ass rigorously, she decides to get a bit bolder. From behind, her fingers graze Jaye's pussy. Jaye remarks how she's really getting in there. India wants to make sure that when Jaye leaves today she's can go a long bike ride with no pain and as a result, she has to work those hard to reach areas. India asks her to turn around. She massages her legs moving up to her thighs. Working the inner areas for a moment she moves her hands up to Jaye's pussy. When Jaye asks her what's she's doing, India tells her that she's holding a lot of stress there possibly due to the constant contact with the bike seat.

As Jaye is about to protest further, India starts playing with her pussy. Jaye starts getting into it as she moans even louder than before. India asks if it feels alright, and Jaye says it feels great. Maybe India is right, she's had so much hard friction against her crotch lately, maybe what she REALLY needs is the tender touch of another woman!

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Seriously tho, please keep making these bolster scene's. I wouldn't care if every scene made on this site from now on is a bolster scene. Not only did India Summer vigorously stroke Jaye Summers oiled pussy real good, but also managed to sandwich Jaye's pussy lips between her fingers, which left me in a lightheaded state. Jaye's glutes are toned and bronzed to perfection. It's one of the most beautiful and gorgeous set of glutes and pussy I have ever seen on this site get oiled and stroked.

I would agree with the other comments on here, I only wish we could have gotten a closer view of Jaye's ass getting rubbed. Like, put a camera right over the top of her. I think the setting of the scene was iffy, the massage table was sandwiched between two walls, making it difficult to get a good camera angle. But it's okay, I cropped the shots in my own video editing program to compensate for the lack of close-up views.

But seriously tho, more bolster scenes... with more girls like Jaye Summers. Seriously.
2019-01-03 21:24
Thank you for bringing my fantasy to life. You successfully captured all the elements I was hoping for. The sensual way India progressively made sure Jaye was at ease so when she began to get her pussy massaged, she was relaxed and keen to be touched - this was excellently done. Both models looked and performed wonderfully and sexual chemistry was off the charts!
I was able to believe Jaye entered the parlor as virtually an invalid but thanks to India’s expertise in therapeutic massage in the end she was able to trib and move her hips smoothly back and forth with no discomfort whatsoever. I was in awe at the skilled hands of the masseuse.
Hopefully Jaye can return post triathlon. Maybe to find India is not working that day so another masseuse needs to step in. For variety only though, no reflection on how India was here as she was fantastic. Just that watching Jaye get her delectable body massaged and then engage in lesbian sex is a scenario worth revisiting.
2019-01-01 08:10
Jaye Summers has one of the cutest saddles on the circuit. So I am looking forward to India leading this Tour De Ass and providing a tonic for Jaye’s glorious gluteus.
Hope this will bring a whole bunch of AGM cyclists into the parlor for an ass massage so we can ensure the whole peloton are bolstered and those beautiful butts are oiled, spoiled and primed for action.
2018-12-12 11:41
That's right! Get those beautiful butts oiled, spoiled, and primed for action on that bolster! I can imagine Jaye telling all her cycling mates about her experience at the massage parlor, leading to the cyclists getting lined up at the door, waiting for their turn on the bolster.
2018-12-13 15:29
Oh my goodness. What a way to end the year with this bolster scene. I loved Jaye Summers in "Room Charge My Rubdown". Now we get to see female hands massage her ass! Can't wait.
2018-12-10 17:20