Tickle And Tease

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Video Description: Sarah Jessie has been seeing Jack Vegas for a massage for a couple months to help her work out the issues with her shoulder. Today, she is enjoying her massage more than usual, so he thinks of how he can get a blowjob out of this. He isn't used to all his clients moaning so much on the table. Sarah's legs and tits are rather ticklish and he likes how she laughs when he tickles her, and can't resist teasing her tits and pussy a little. He makes good use of his oily hands, and as he edges closer to her pussy she begins to get a bit nervous. When he tries to massage her tits, she says she's okay without a tits massage, but he continues to tickle her tits until she agrees to suck his cock so he'll stop. She must be really ticklish. She knows what she's doing, and since she always thought he was kind of hot, she wants his cock instantaneously. As soon as he whips his cock out, she's giving him the blowjob he's always wanted. But, not without tickling her to remind her why she's giving him the blowjob in the first place.

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I like her ink and good cheerful attitude, she has no problem getting all of his long cock min her mouth and pussy. He is a good performer also. Thank you for the great initial penetration shot, well done.
2015-08-17 11:36
ready (user_21767480)
I hope to see Sarah Jessie on the site
2015-08-13 18:36
Old Banger
Wow ready you must have friends in Nuru scheduling, Sarah Jessie is back first week in September.
2015-08-14 20:58
ready (user_21767480)
2015-08-16 11:30
Old Banger
Not a Bad effort. Sarah has a beautiful face, well toned bod and a nice freshly shaven smooth pussy.
I think the tickling was requested in fantasy forum some while ago - so FM are responding to input - which proves everybody who is patient will get to see their quirk eventually.
The scene flowed along smoothly, Sarah seemed to enjoy herself and I like that her moans were natural and not over the top.

To Lucy, Not sure really why this scene seems to have been met with disproportionate negativity.... I didn't mind it!
Probably a bit frustrating when the negs don't elaborate on their issues. Member comments positive or negative help steer the site, right?
Suggest move on, if you're still perturbed maybe a tickle from my 9500 mile long tickling feather would help?
2015-08-12 17:55
Hello again Lucy well I think I may have it nailed down. In all probability it IS the coercion effect even though she ultimately enjoys the sex.
She's a very beautiful woman with way TOO much ink and silicone. When are these beautiful girls going to learn that "less is more"? Sarah is not the best actress but she tries hard. She's got the "porn moan" down pat bless her heart. Once again I love the hood piercing. It deserved more than a couple of cursory licks from Jack; a girl gets a hood pierced for ONE reason and ONE reason only and that's to increase her sensitivity. Once again Jack gets himself off instead of letting her do it. Once again the camera angles are very good; Barrett and crew are getting it down including a couple pussy tease shots when her legs are being massaged. All in all, while this is not even close to being one of my favorite scenes, ( The horny factor is missing. ) It still deserves a thumbs up. You just can't expect a home run every time you step to the plate. ( 7.25 out of 10 )
2015-08-12 08:22
Hi Lucy, I don't normally view the trailers since I'd rather be surprised by the whole product. But in this case, I had to check out from where all the negativity is coming. After the viewing I'm perplexed ; it looks like a fun video. ( BTW love the hood piercing --- but you knew that --- hope Jack pays proper attention to it ) The only things I could come up with are: 1) the written description makes it appear that Jack is using the tickling as coercion to get her to do something she doesn't want to do, 2) there are some people who have an aversion to tickling , and finally 3) there may be a faction of members who don't like B/G videos. I say this because I've noticed similar negativity of late in some of threads dealing with G/G issues. In summation, I haven't got a clue. Be back tomorrow with my ever inspiring (LOL) review.
2015-08-11 07:51
if you dislike the trailer, please let us know why.
2015-08-04 15:27