Tribbing Tension

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Video Description: When Keisha Grey pulls a muscle in her groin, she calls physiotherapist Angela White desperate for help. The two arrange a home visit, but Angela forewarns her, this is going to be a vigorous and hands on massage.

After Angela arrives, they start the treatment on the teen's bed. Both hotties are clad in yoga pants and stretchy tops. Keisha groans as Angela bends her leg behind her head to loosen up the tight hamstring. Getting a feel for Keisha's tension spots, Angela instructs her to lie down on her tummy, then massages her glutes with her elbow. As she kneads around her lower torso, Angela can feel tons of tension in Keisha's thighs. She palpates the problem areas, applying pressure with all her weight.

Angela turns her client onto her back and scooches in between her legs to begin her specialty thigh on thigh technique. Scissored between Keisha's thighs with their crotches flush against each other, Angela uses all of her weight to rock slowly, applying gentle and even pressure to Keisha's tense muscles. Keisha inhales and exhales in time with Angela's back and forth movements. She's never had this kind of treatment before. As Angela adjusts her position, Keisha admits it feels good.

Keisha's breathing so deeply through the sensation, Angela asks if she's okay. The teen says she's fine. She's just not sure if what they're doing is physical therapy. But Angela swears by the success of this technique, promising Keisha a big release. After a bit more thrusting, Angela suggests applying some lotion to the inner thighs before they proceed to the more deepened portion of the massage. Keisha's reluctant because she's not wearing panties but Angela shirks it off, since they're both girls anyway.

Keisha takes off her stretch pants and shyly covers her naked pussy with her hands. Angela puts her at ease and they continue the thigh on thigh technique. Keisha groans as Angela rocks her body into position. The busty physiotherapist insists on removing her yoga pants, apologizing profusely for chafing poor little Keisha with the material.

With both women naked from the waist down, Angela stretches out Keisha's tension one leg at a time. But, her pussy pressing against Keisha's is building up another kind of release. Keisha stops her. She doesn't mean to be inappropriate, but their grinding is making her super horny. Sneaky Angela says that's just perfect, she's also a specialist in sexual release. Like putty in her hands, Angela grabs her meaty ass and tribs her pussy full throttle till she cums! Then, the lesbians really get down to business!

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Awesome vid! A little foot worship would've made it perfect, especially since Keisha has very cute feet. Angela's acting was awesome; she never went out of character. Keisha was great as the gradually seduced client.
2019-06-30 11:08
I love the comments here, I must agree this is one of the BEST movies I have ever seen! Holy God Angela IS SO GORGEOUS, her tits are SO HUGE & perfect! She is THE most CURVY, THICK, VOLUPTUOUS DREAM girl on EARTH! OMG I LOVE this movie, Stormy Daniels made a joke on Saturday night live that acting isn't really the best in porn (maybe back then), but it is NOT true! Some of the best movies I have ever seen are from porn, NOT garbage Hollywood; I have heard that Angela is wicked smart & has a excellent sense of humor! Both of them act SO PERFECTLY! OMG I would give anything on earth to SMELL those girls' delicious pussies! Angela eats pussy exquisitely, she is the most perfect girl on earth, I HAVE to join her site! THE best part is when the girl finally licks Angela's pussy!
2018-06-17 00:41
You guys at AGM finally got a trib scene shot correctly. The camera angle is shot from 3/4 front view and we get to see some pussy on pussy grinding action. No shooting from the backside where all we see is their back & ass. There are a few really good tribbing scenes on here like this one...but generally speaking most are horrible due to that angles and show very little. Lord knows I complain about it all the time. Ya'll need to take note of this one and try to shoot your tribbing scenes in a similar fashion to the way it was done on here
2018-02-02 08:01
TRIBBING TENSION : It is one of the VERY BEST videos i have watched and you can bet, i have watched a lot for many years. I do not only focus to the erotic action and the two performers , who are outstanding, really. I also focus in the story line they follow !! Awesome !! It is hot as much as all the rest. My hat's off for the people behind the camera, the one who thought that so hot story, and the two performers. Especially for Angela White who is one of the best "tribbing [email protected]" i have watched, she is special for hot, raugh tribbing scenes ! The way she agitates her body while tribbing, the way she trash talks, in general how she performs... Yes she is one of your assets for sure ! Take under consideration that i am not impressed by her so big tits, naturally i am for women with breasts of a medium (average) size. But she is so hot !! Bravo again for this perfect video !!
2017-10-09 12:51
The perfect scene has arrived. Plus, @17:34, *clappa clappa clappa clappa* ^_^
2017-04-27 13:21
best part!
2017-09-27 10:00
This scene was incredible and the chemistry between these two are off the charts! I was waiting for Angela to pour some of the oil on Keisha's pussy or groin area before she starting scissoring her again when they both had their pants off. Would have continued the sexual build up but kept in the lines of Angela's character of the scene and I felt like that minor detail was missing. Like she did giving reasons for taking her pants off because of it rubbing on her skin and asking Keisha to take her pants off because it would be easier for her to message her better. She could have made an excuse for using the lotion on the inside of her groin/pussy just to reassure Keisha it wasn't anything sexual but it really was. I might be nit picking but don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this scene, one of my favorites! More of Angela and Keisha together...Keisha is the perfect kind of girl for Angela to dominate.
2017-09-27 10:19
Wow this was a glorious scene. Everything perfect, great seduction with Angela focussing on the massage and glossing over any client concerns. Keisha take a bow, equally she was sensational.
The client needs to accept the advice of the expert. It's ridiculous to be getting the notion that everything's sexual, massage therapy is hands on so a committed masseuse is going to do whatever it takes. If some unorthodox methods are used it is simply that techniques are forever evolving and being refined.
Summing up, just a brilliant scene and another very satisfied customer. Also by the look of Angela's glow, a very satisfied masseuse too!
2017-04-22 21:48
Keisha's gorgeous, always a treat to see her, but it was unspeakable tragedy not to include some real breast worship in this scene. The mirror to provide a rear angle was a great idea, but maybe wipe it with some Windex next time.
2017-03-23 22:08
This is a great Massage Scene!!! I'd like to "thumbs up" like it again and again.... Wow Beautiful Ladies you've done a SUPER SEXY SCENE!!
2017-03-22 09:13
yes yes yes spot on, Angela White with Brittney White would be good, ha ha.
2017-03-21 21:31
This is allgirlmassage. One of the best videos in a long time. Really really good!
2017-03-21 20:33
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