What Do You Want? A Lap Dance?

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Starring Gaia, Eric Masterson
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Video Description: Guys,

This dancer came in today, and she was stunning! I told her I always take care of the dancers, and she was excited to have me work out her tense dancer muscles. I used my expert body language to hint over and over that I had a little problem that needed solving, and I think I ticked her off a bit but soon I had her pussy dripping through her panties and soon after she was giving me a lap dance, and then as if by habit she had my cook deep in her throat and pussy! From the look on her face, it was exactly what she wanted!


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@user_21766273 "I like the concept of Tricky Spa as it is. If you change it that the girls enjoy it to me its just another porn site.
This make the fantasy nicer in my opinion!"

i love the concept of Tricky spa but the site very limited stocks its really painful so enhance the movies more and more
2015-03-03 07:37
great scene love the asian girls on this site
2015-01-24 04:42
I like the concept of Tricky Spa as it is. If you change it that the girls enjoy it to me its just another porn site.
This make the fantasy nicer in my opinion!
2014-10-27 12:14
Please bring Julia ann, aletta ocean and eva karera for this kind of tricky massage, it will be more grateful.
2014-10-03 10:49
no violence please
2014-07-11 10:42
Honestly nice try.....but would suggest ending the "tricky massage" concept....really isn't in keeping with the spirit of the other sites, just seems to be turning folks off. Maybe if adjustment is made to at least have the girls ENJOY the massage eventually??
2014-07-10 12:26
Thanks for your feedback. This is one of our first scenes shot and, since then, we are adjusting the scenes to show how these women may start off reluctant but eventually get turned on and into the masseur's seduction. This should hopefully steer more towards the vision we want, which sounds like what you're thinking too. Thanks for giving me your honesty, as always, especially as we develop new concepts! xBree
2014-07-10 13:49
Hi Bree,

Thanks for your participation in this discussion. I think we can figure this out. I will respond to you in the other thread but just a quick request here.

Please, please fix the background and choices of colors in this site! The look of the main site is great so its fine to just make the subsites the same if you can't think of another color combo. This one is so bad that it truly is impossible for me to read some of your answer. The problem is on the right side of the text block where the text is on top of a darker shade of fuzz. I need to scroll vertically so that I can bring some of your response into view. I know this look is 'popular' in some perverse way but it is ridiculous. You should be above fashion when fashion takes a nosedive.
2014-07-11 13:27
Hey Bree,

By coincidence, Ars ran a good article this weekend on the web design problems here and at AGM. Its http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/07/the-software-design-trends-that-we-love-to-hate/

Check out the rant on "Excessive Translucency" and the "Too Flat". Its not you but instead you are copying bad ideas in the culture right now.
My hint is: "Girls are not flat.
2014-07-15 15:19