Who's The Headmaster?

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Video Description: When Alix Lynx showed up for her massage today, she wasn't expecting that it had moved, but luckily the new spot is air conditioned. She makes her way tot he new location eager to have her stress melted away. Marcus is excited to get to work, asking all the necessary questions to gain info on where he'll focus his massage. Alix strips off her school girl outfit, and gets all ready for her massage, calling Marcus to join her. Marcus is very descriptive about what he does, making sure he has an excuse for everything, but when he brings up the gossip that Sara fed him last time she was in, Alix freaks out! Winning school slut is a big title to hold up, and Alix is mortified that Marcus knows. There's only one thing she can do to make sure he doesn't spread the gossip any further. Alix makes sure that Marcus knows that she's really the master of giving head.

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Alix has great legs. BJ too long again. Don't see her pussy until 3/4 of the way through. Another "jack-off" finish. :-(
2015-10-30 06:58
BJ too long? Did you seriously just say that? THE EXTENDED BJ SCENE IS THE REASON I SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SITE. If you want scenes that are cookie-cutter copies of everything else on the net today, maybe FantasyMassage isn't the place for you. I applaud this site for putting a little more emphasis on the BJ, and I'm pretty sure I'm in the majority here.
2016-02-04 14:00
Ugly male model
2015-10-28 04:59
Alix is super sexy unfortunately the budget for this particular allows for only a portion of sex so unlike nuru we have to keep it short and sweet. Which also means our talent is not a list like we wish we could have. The big money boys won't do it.. Yes finger crossed for future
2015-11-11 20:39
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2016-02-04 14:02